About Us

Synergroup Systems, Inc.

Synergroup Systems, Inc. is a Southern California based technology staffing services firm with a reputation for delivering cost effective, high quality technical consultants on a timely basis. Since our inception in 1986, Synergroup has worked with a large number of Fortune 1000 companies to meet their IT requirements in a timely manner. Headquartered in Laguna Niguel, CA; Synergroup serves clients throughout the US.
Our services are offered on a strategic staffing basis across all technology platforms, operating systems and infrastructures. We have a proven track record of providing prompt, creative solutions to highly complex business challenges and deploying both onsite and offsite service models as the situation demands.
In a business environment where IT budgets and delivery expectations are often moving in opposite directions, Synergroup has consistently demonstrated the ability to provide the highest level of service at the best possible price. Our methodical approach to cost effective recruiting and our strong commitment to customer satisfaction allow us to deliver a high value proposition to our clients.

Our Mission

To provide the highest level of IT staffing solutions available in the industry by becoming business partners with our clients and consultants – understanding our customers’ goals and consistently delivering timely cost effective solutions that meet and exceed their expectations.

Partnering For Success

From the beginning, we have always believed that the quality of our customer relationships would determine our success. We understand that every manager is judged by their ability to organize resources and to complete a job within a limited budget. More and more frequently, managers will ask us for additional flexibility in various areas including rates, conversion fees or placement fees to fit their budgetary restraints. Over the years, we believe this partnering philosophy has proven to be very effective in building the lasting relationships that have played a major role in our long-term success. We truly believe that our success can only be measured to the degree we contribute to the success of our clients.

Reducing Costs/Delivering Value

Since 2000, IT budgets have been under constant and consistent downward pressure. We have responded by developing unique ways of keeping our internal costs at a minimum, and passing the savings to our customers in the form of lower rates. Our model allows us to deliver the resources our clients need fast, while providing the world class quality they expect.

Truly Innovative Staffing Solutions

In an industry not known for innovation, we’ve made it our mission. In 2004, we developed the Homeland Onshore Model (HOM) and introduced it to the market as a viable cost effective alternative to offshore outsourcing. The results have been stellar, producing savings of up to 50% over FTE’s with similar skills. The model continues to drive substantial savings to our customers. Recently, we have seen a surging demand for HOM among our new and existing clients. For more information on the Homeland Onshore Model, please Click Here.

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