James W. Rasich

President and Chief Executive Officer

James W. Rasich is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Synergroup Systems, Inc. Prior to the firm’s inception in 1986, James was the Regional Sales Manager for Computer Resources Group, establishing presence in the Southern California Information technology staffing marketplace. From 1976-1985, James held sales positions with UCCEL Corporation, United Computing, Inc. and Control Data Corporation. James is focused on driving the company’s growth and mission to deliver innovative IT staffing solutions and setting the standard for highest quality and best value among staff augmentation firms. James received a Bachelor’s degree in economics from DeSales University (then Allentown College) in 1974 and an MBA from Lehigh University in 1976.

Mark Jennings

Vice President

In 1981, Mr. Jennings joined University Computing Company (Later UCCEL), where he was responsible for remote operations and time-sharing sales support. In 1983 he was promoted into sales. In 1986, Mr. Jennings became Vice President of Synergroup Systems Incorporated, a staff augmentation company formed earlier that year. As the Vice President of Sales, Mr. Jennings has been responsible for the procurement of mostly Fortune 1000 client companies located predominantly on the West Coast. Through the years, Synergroup Systems has established a strong reputation and created value for its clients by delivering quality consultants in a very timely manner. One of Mr. Jennings strongest assets is his ability to establish, grow and retain customer relationships. SSI has established a strong reputation for timely quality service and reasonable rates. Mr. Jennings possesses significant experience in technical recruiting, customer service, sales, and major account management. In 2003, SSI jumped into the offshore debate, inventing the “Homeland Onshore Model” (HOM), an offshore outsourcing alternative business model that competes with offshore firms using domestic resources. Mr. Jennings has been featured in various articles about HOM, including BusinessWeek, and ComputerWorld. He also appeared on CBS Sunday Morning, speaking about the value of the Homeland Onshore Model.