Our Process

The process of gathering information and understanding our clients’ distinctive resource requirements, goals and culture is critical to ensuring a successful outcome. The most common components to our process are as follows:

1. Client Meeting

We understand that every client we speak with is going to have different goals, specialized requirements, and unique company culture.  We work together with our clients as a team to understand what these goals and requirements are, as well as the duration of the project, budgets, culture and hiring preferences. We look at the entire picture to match and align people with people and cultures.

2. Sourcing/Screening

We believe you selected Synergroup to eradicate the hassle and time-consuming effort that proper screening candidates requires. Candidates are sourced from a variety of sources, including our extensive network and large proprietary database. Once a possible candidate has been identified, our due diligence includes through telephone screenings, skills testing, personality and job expectation screening, in-depth interviews, and reference verification in order to deliver the top candidates you expect. All this happens quickly and efficiently to ensure that the candidates we deliver for you to review are closely aligned with your requirements.

3. Candidate Selection

Once we have delivered candidates for you to interview, we immediately coordinate with the clients’ calendar and those of their team to coordinate timely interviews. Once a candidate is selected, we work hard to make sure that the administrative necessities such as background checks and SOW’s are quickly completed.

4. Candidate On-Boarding

Once our client accepts and on-boards the candidate, we want to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  We’ll check back in with the client every few weeks to ensure the consultant is continuing to meet their the needs and goals of the hiring manager.