Synergroup has a 25-year proven track record of connecting top IT talent with companies looking for IT Infrastructure and IT Application staffing services. Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop a proven process that can be customized to any client, in any vertical market to insure that they are matched with the right resource for their project goals.

Synergroup locates the best resources to staff any project, regardless of the project size. We take pride in asking the right questions to get a clear understanding of the project requirement, determine the best staffing solution, and then find the best knowledge workers that fit that requirement.

Synergroup will work directly with you and come up with flexible staffing solutions. Since your staffing issues are unique to your organization, we distinguish ourselves by being able to get creative and innovative when designing the right solution to meet your staffing requirements. Whether that means straight contract or a contract to hire solution, or implementing our Homeland Onshore Model to save money, we can flex our solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

Contact Synergroup to learn how you can leverage our experience to meet your staffing needs.